About us

Weople was founded in January 2017 with the aim of providing top quality consultation services in the areas of telecommunications, personal development and business training. 

The founding members, João Santos Gonçalves and Anna Linda Orosz, come from two very different backgrounds: while he is an energetic sales person and a fearless business ranger in the field of telecom-related digital innovation, she brings her deeply intuitive understanding of individual needs and develops tailor-made solutions, empowering individuals and teams to perform at their highest level and develop beyond. 

Our company is situated in the heart of the Atlantic coastal city of Cascais, not far from the westernmost point in continental Europe. The Portuguese kings and queens fancied this picturesque spot so much that over the centuries they turned it into their favorite summer resort; then, during the periods of upheaval of the past century, it became a refuge for royalty, noblemen, writers, and even spies. Today Cascais is no longer a hotspot of espionage, but there is a palpable energy and charm rooted in its colorful past, which even a passing visitor can’t fail to notice. Our greatest pleasure is to show our partners around and build business relations with the people and institutions that visit and inhabit this remarkable place. Our motto sums up what we’re about: ‘People to People.’

Just as our location is multicultural, so is our company. Our main working languages are English, Portuguese, Hungarian and Italian, and we also undertake some activities in Spanish.