For Individuals/Private

  • We have a colorful range of services for individuals. The common denominator is that they all focus on enhancing self-expansion, self-realization and happiness, let it be facilitated by means of psychology, creative-imaginative visualization techniques, body-feedback technique, drawing analysis, mindfulness or any of the other techniques that we employ.

    • Behavior analysis: overcoming obstacles and repetitive negative patterns in life, developing self-esteem and resilience, embracing oneself in full and with a positive mindset.
    • Personal energy optimization: transforming fatigue, stress and difficulty into a heightened sense of awareness and self-possession, and even inspiration. It gives a 360-degree picture of the present moment, of conscious and subconscious energy allocation, by identifying energy traps and subconscious programs. From there we help you to replace the negative mental programs with positive, constructive ones.
    • Healthy body, peaceful mind: happiness resides in a healthy body, positive mindset and a healthy cooperation between the rational and emotional mind. We help to improve your physical health, calm your thoughts and improve your attention by means of personalized yoga, breathwork and mindfulness programs.